What is vaping?

Did you know that your body benefits from the active and therapeutic compounds released whenever herbs are cooked, smoked, or eaten raw. Do you know that you can enjoy the active ingredients from herbs in a much safer way than smoking them?

To eliminate the deleterious effects of smoking tobacco and other herbs – and still get the active ingredients from the herbs, consider vaping.

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor released whenever vegetable glycerin or propylene Glycol based liquid is vaporized through an e-cigarette, digital vapor device, or personal vaporizer. The liquid is mixed with small amounts of nicotine (as an option) and food flavors.

Unlike smoking, which produces bad, toxic smoke, vaping produces a kind of aromatic vapor. Vaporizers heat the substance at a much lower temperature compared to smoking.

Vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking, which still lets your body get the therapeutic ingredients from tobacco and herbs. This is the main reason I moved from smoking to vaping. Vaping gets rid of the many additives, chemicals, and carcinogenic compounds in ordinary cigarettes – without compromising the act of ‘smoking’.